It is claimed that current High School students will face up to 9 completely different career changes in their lifetime. To do that they are therefore probably going to need to retrain up to 9 different times. All this in a world where at the moment information is doubling every two and a half years and by the year 2030 it could be doubling every week! In this information explosion age students therefore need the skills to study effectively, particularly in their own time. To do this one should be aware of the differences between Skills-Based and Knowledge-Based Learning and the different ways each is processed in the brain

UCANDO programmes are designed:
1) To motivate students of all ages to work to their full potential
2) To give these same students skills to become INDEPENDENT, SELF-REGULATED LEARNERS

Stuart Wright of UCANDO is a leading New Zealand facilitator of Accelerated Learning and Whole Brain Learning Techniques. He has been a High School Senior Manager, Careers Adviser, as well as HOD Languages. Stuart has successfully taught various study skills and motivation courses to thousands of primary, secondary and tertiary students around New Zealand and more recently Australia. He has run teacher training courses through the Massey University College of Education as well as staff presentations at a variety of learning institutions.